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Day 45. Liechtensteain and Switzerland

Thursday 10 June 10

We were in three countries today. Left Germany, visited Liechtensteain, and entered Switzerland. Liechtensteain was so small, but it had a lot of character and tourists. Mainly Swiss looking and very expensive!
Later we reached our Swiss destination, Lauterbrunnen. It looked like the Astrian Alps except the mountains were even taller! The tallest one even had snow ontop! Its amazing how much the temperature changes the higher you go.

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Day 44. Austria to Germany

Wednesday 9 June 10

Even after leaving out Austrian Tyrol campsite, the action didnt stop. The Contikiers went white water rafting! Ofcorse I didnt go, its a bit extreme for me.
Our next stop was Munich Germany. The city most known for Oktoberfest and big boobed beer girls. I locked onto a group and followed them. With difficulty, they tracked down the church that had 'the devils footprint'. It was actually greatly dissapointing. The footprint looked totally fake and stylized. The Glockenspiel was nice. I think its a famous clock with an elaborate cathedral wall around it. Marienplatz shoppin area was ok, but other than that, Munich doesnt have a lot to offer.
Our hotel, again backpacker style was alright. I wanted to go out and meet a cute Japanese boy I know from online, but he already has plans >.< He was going to some concert aww.

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Day 43. Austrian Tyrol

Tuesday 8 june 10

Today was luckily another free day for me. All the Contikiers were outand about enjoying the summer Alps. Many went mountain bike riding, some went paragliding, others took cable cars to the top of mountains. Since I felt weak, I took it easy. Actually I walked a fair distance to the post office and it shut on me. They have siesta from noon to 2. So I had to siesta and wait for it to reopen. Today involved a lot of resting. After dinner, I met the other Contiki group, they were quite nice! I felt a bit better then.

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Day 42. Austrian Tyrol

Monday 7 June 10

We left Vienna, but continued on in Austria. Unexpectedly, Contiki took us to a concentration camp. It was quite awful but we handled it well. We saw the bunk bedrooms, execution rooms, morgue, everything. The place was filled with kids on school excursions. Later we stopped by Swarovski Crystal World, the total opposite. Their art rooms were an experience in itself, very psychadelic. Im not that into crystals, but its worth seeing this place.
In the evening, we arived to the Austrian Tyrol mountain region. The town we stayed at, Hopfgarten, was a lot cuter than I expected. The houses looked like ones in storybooks, the trees were all so nice, and there were mountains all around us.
Tonight was a party night, the theme was 'ridiculous'. Man some people thought up very funny costumes! I was still unwell, so i stayed in bed >.< Then my grandma Aja phoned up the hotel office *_* She wanted to see me in Germany. But I told her we are always on the move and it would be way too hard. So I promised to send her photos instead.

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Day 41. Vienna Austria

Sunday 6 June 10

Spent the whole day in Vienna. First we did a quick bus tour, then walked around a bit. We got given ample free time. I was still feeling unwell, so I dont know what I would have done alone. Thank goodness, Chris was willing to walk around with me. With him, I went to 'Hundertwasser Haus', a semi-abstract building supposedly intertwined with trees. To me it looked like the Barcelona buildings. Then we walked around and looked at the grand buildings, like Hofburg Palace and Parliament Buildings. I saw St Stephens Cathedral but only from the outside. In any case, I survived wandering around.
In the evening, Contiki took everyone to Schonbrum palace. Its really huge and looks a lot like Versailles Palace. Its gardens are enormous too, there was a concert being set up there. I just walked around without much energy. After this, everyone was doing more optional activities. I wondered how to get back to the hotel. Thank God two girls were also heading back, so I tagged along on the train home. I was saved.

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