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Day 5. London

Saturday 1 May 2010

0 °C

My one day in London, overall was alright. In the morning, J and I took one of those double decker tour buses. We cruised around for a while, then looked at sovenir shops. We went to Buckhingham Palace too. It looked different than I imagined. Walked down to Westminister Abbey. Just saw it from the outside, looked impressive. Big Ben was nearby. I know it's famous but it didnt amaze me. Across the river Thames, we took the London Eye ferris wheel. It was put there at the turn of the millenium. Got some good views of London. Even got a 4D promo film for it. Afterwards, we took a river cuise to London Bridge. The driver was a funny guy! Went to the Tower of London, it looks so medieval. Not my idea of fun but it was ok to see a bit of history. Soon after, I went on a Jack the Ripper walking tour. We saw the spots Jack the Ripper killed at. I wonder if I made the right choice, coz I wanted to spend the evening cruising on the tour bus. It actually finished going and instead, I had to walk in the rain! Damn London haha. Freezing and wet. At night, all the Contiki travelers got together to sign-in to our tour. I was shocked, we have 50 people on my tour! Aaaah too many, but maybe this way we can find people we click with.





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Day 4. Korea to London

Fri 30 April 2010

0 °C

Flew out from Seoul, SK. The plane was awesome! They had a massive collection of movies u could watch! Avatar, Where the Wild Things Are, MJ This is It, Hachiko, but I already seen them. So I watched: The Imaginarium of Dr Panassus, and I hated it. Lovely Bones was interesting but sad. The Pincess and the Frog was ok, it's the first Disney cartoon where the lead characters are black. Watched a documentary about time, one about Monaco and one about Johnny Depp! Just before landing I discovered a Nicholas Tse movie, Storm Warriors, in the asian movies. Omg I was killin myself. I still love Nic! Oh well, i can watch it on the plane home maybe.



London was ok, it felt weird to be there. Our hotel was on the bad side, but better than backpackers. We arrived at night, and it was freezing, so didnt do too much exploring.

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Day 3 Korea

Thursday 29 April 2010

0 °C

Bright and early in the morning, my bestie T drove me to the airport. I met my travel buddie J there. We flew out from Sydney, to Seoul South Korea (our stopover point). The flight was alright, we got ok food, talked, watched movies, listened to music, read books, slept.
The overnight airport hotel in Seoul was awesome! Free dinner, free internet, free cable tv! J and I planned to go out and explore, but it was so freezing! Plus the hotel shuttle bus stopped goin early. So we stayed home and watched anime in Korean lol.
I have two friends in Seoul, Sangwoo doesnt have a car though, and Danny was out on a business trip. Aww I couldnt meet either one. I got lots of sleep instead.

cherry blossoms

cherry blossoms

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Day 2. Sydney

Wed 28 April 2010

0 °C

Left my bro's house and trained it to my best friend's house, T. We went out around Sydney, it was great! The best part was I got to go to Kinokuniya, the Japanese bookstore. They had so many host magazines omg. I wonder if they order it for me or if other people buy them too. I was finding it hard to breathe. I was like OMG the latest issues. Im missing a ton of them! I ended up buying three of the latest Mens Spider at full import price.

T and I went to a Japanese restaurant afterwards, I loved it. I opened one of the Mens Spider magz and OMMGGG!!!! *dies* JUUIIII from Vidoll. I loved him so much in Japan. I stalked him too, ran front row at his concerts. There were a few pages on Jui!! AANNDD my Tokyo host, AI from Club Eden too! He was standing next to Jui in one photo! MY HOST became a model woohooo!!!! I was so excited, everyone must have thought I was nuts.

Later T and I walked to the Art Gallery of NSW. Hahah how high class. There we saw Art Express. I wanted to make it into that when I was younger but oh well. I liked some works but hated most. Thats usually how it is. Then it got dark and we walked over to Macquarie something park, near the art gallery. It had great views of Sydney Harbour, the bridge and opera house. How romantic hahha. At night, I slept over T's house.

Tommy phoned me at some ungodly hour of the night/ morning, like 6am! Aww he's thinking of me. I told him to babysit our son, Cookie, while Im away. He said he will but I doubt it.

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Day 1. Cairns to Sydney

Tues 27 April 2010

0 °C

Welcome everyone. This blog is about my Contiki 'Ultimate European' experience.
Day 1 does not begin on an airplane to Europe, for me. It begins with me leaving Cairns, my home for the past 8 months. It was a beautiful place to live, nature vise, with mountains, rainforests, the ocean and the Great Barrier Reef around me. But Cairns is a mirrage, nice for tourists, but not a place to live. It has Australia's highest unemployment rate. Every job advertised gets 100 applicants. For this reason, I decided to leave Cairns for good.

Yesterday, I moved out of my much loved wooden "Queenslander" house. Goodbye rainforest garden, giant palm trees, geckos etc. I spent the night at a friend`s house. Cookie my maltese mix did too. This friend even took my spare furniture. Im so grateful to his help! What would I do without it.

This morning, I went over to Yarabah, to my Aussie friend Ben. I left my car there, it`s gonna sit there for 7 weeks! He lives in the mountains so I dont think anyone willl break in. Thank goodness for his help too.

Finally Ben drove me to the airport, I was flying to Sydney, my home of many years. I had many reasons to visit Sydney. I wanted to see my best friend, drop of Cookie to my brother's house, and it's where my international flight will depart from.

The plane ride over to Sydney was great. It was less than 3 hours. This Hugh Grant looking man talked to me the whole time. Interesting guy, he bought me burbon too.

My bro picked me and Cookie up, and off we went to the 'family house' I grew up in. I hate that place. Cookie will live here for 7 weeks, poor doggie. I will miss him!

I went online and to my shock, Tommy (the model I was nuts over for years) came on msn. He contacts me every few months. He must have sensed I was in Sydney. I wanted to meet up but he lost his drivers license so we were both stranded far apart awww. Omg! I was still excited, he felt me!

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