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Day 10. French countryside

Thursday 6 May 10

Another day at the French chateou. After breakfast, we headed out on picnics. I ended up with the hangover 'cool goup' so we didnt get far. Just on the sunchairs out the front. Other groups went a long walk away, to lookouts etc. I dont mind though, it was cold and gloomy. It was just a relax day today, so I backed up some photos, started my journal and did things like that. Our rooms were warm and comfortable, so I was content.
If the weather would have been better, things would have been wilder, like pool parties!

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Day 9. Paris to French countryside

Wednesday 5 May 10

Today was a traveling day. We left Paris and went to the French Beaujolais wine region. Stopped at 'Fontainbleau' a strange little town. Some city-wide siren went off, the bomb scare type. But the locals ignored it, so we did too. Our accommodation was an old chateou, renovated and made into a Contiki party central. We did wine tasting and got dinner. Then at night we had a party at the chateou's underground nightclub. Had to dress 'derelique' or bummy. I know everyone had fun coz they partied till late.

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Day 8. Paris

Tuesday 4 May 10

Spent the entire day in Paris, it was awesome! I loved today.
In the morning we got dropped at Arc De Triomphe, a huge monument surrounded by a hectic roundabout. Then June and I walked down Champs Elysees, the main shopping street. It was nice, but mostly brand name stores. We walked along the river Seine, past the Louvre, all the way to Notre Dame. We had Nutella crepe there, the whole of Europe seems to have an obsession with Nutella! U can see jars of it in cafe windows. June left to go to a dinner with the Contiki group. I stayed and wandered Paris alone at night.

Went inside Notre Dame catherdral and was totally amazed! It looks as stunning on the inside as it does on the outside. It was very spiritual and beautiful. I climbed to the very top, step by step, and got a vast view of Paris. There were tons of gargoyles up there! It was a weird feeling.

St Chapelle church was nearby, so I visited there too. Omg the security to get in there was the same as at an airport! Long lines and everyones bag got x-rayed WTF! It was a tiny church, made of mostly stained glass windows. It was a bit like being inside a giant kalaidescope. Not sure what the deal with all the security was.

Afterwards I walked and walked, till I got to the Opera Garnier. It's Paris' opera house, where Phantom of the Opera originated. Took some pix then went walked on to the red light district. I saw Moulin Rouge! The place actually exists, too bad tickets were over $100 so I didnt see a show.

I walked uphill and climbed to Sacre Coeur, Sacred Heart Church. Its beautiful but a totally different atmosphere from Notre Dame. This one didnt even allow photos. There were great views of Paris from there. And at 9pm it wasnt even dark yet! Europe is bizzare.

Finally at night I rejoined Contiki and we all went to the Eiffel Tower. What surprised me most was the number of Africans selling souvenirs underneath it. Anyway we took the lift to the very top. It went so fast, it was kinda scary. But very beautiful at the top.
The Contiki bus drove us home, and we all slept in our mini wooden cabins.

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Day 7. Paris

Monday 3 May 2010

0 °C

After breakfast, we drove out to the Palace of Versailles (pronounced Ver-sai). I was excited, coz of the Japanese band Versailles. We were unlucky, the palace was not allowing visitors, but we did get to go in the garden. It was damn freezing, so I wasnt enjoying it, sadly.
Later we drove in to Paris and most of us went to the world famous art gallery, the Louvre. U may know it from the Da Vinci Code. Its really huge, so we rushed though it, lookin at all the levels. My favourite part was the glass pyramid, so I got tons of pix of that. I was amazed, we were allowed to take photos of everything inside! Even the Mona Lisa. I got front row to it pretty quickly. Maybe we went on a less crowded day, Im not sure. I was expecting a bit more from the Egypian section. But overall I liked the Louvre.
Afterwards I walked around on the streets and did some souvenir shoppin. Got a Paris scarf and umbrella, coz it was cold and rainy.
Back at the contiki wooden cabins, we had dinner and relaxed for the night.

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Day 6. London to Paris

Sunday 2 May 2010

0 °C

Met up with the Contiki group at 6am! Got on the coach, left London, and drove for hours. Even took the bus on a ferry across to mainland Euope. By evening we arrived to our cabins in France. We stayed in little wooden cabins, got dinner too.
At night, we drove the Contiki bus around Paris and got a mini tour. We were all amazed! Paris is known as the city of lights and romance, and we got to see why. Most buildings and bridges were so beautiful and were all lit up. Everyone was most amazed by Notre Dame cathedral. There were some 'whooaa' and 'omg'. It was really huge, very elaborate and magestic.
London is ok but Paris is where the magic is at.

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