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Day 15. France to Italy. Verona

Tuesday 11 May 10

We left Antibes, France and entered Italy. Went straight to Verona, the home of Romeo and Juliette. Although they didnt really exist, we visited Juliette's balcony, the inspiration for the story. There were so many tourists there. Also in Verona were some cool markets, selling antiques and Venetian souvenirs like masks.
By the evening we arrived in Venice. It was a bit late to go out exploring, so we just relaxed.

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Day 14. Nice and Monaco

Monday 10 May 10

In the French Riviera, first we visited a perfumery, Fragonard. They showed us how perfume is made and some people bought some. I liked the coconut, vanilla, choc mix but I didnt buy it. I have so many perfumes in Sydney but never used them. I love guys using fragarences though! My favourite is Amen by Thierry Mugler.
During the day we explored the city of Nice (Nees). It was our first warm day, so everyone was in a good mood. 'Nice' is a coastal town, with a very European rocky beach. The water was so blue but cold. Beside the beach was a little mountain with really great lookouts. I loved it up there. The city itself has cute little streets. I ate some rose ice cream, unique flavour huh. Flavours are called 'parfume'.
Later in the day, we went to Monaco. It's the smallest country in the world, after the Vatican. It's city, Monte Carlo, is world famous too. Only the rich and famous live there. The drive there was awesome too. The road goes atop many mountains, past the ocean, plus we saw the sunset. We got to Monte Carlo at night, so all we got to do was visit the two casinos. One was exclusive and done up, the other was like an everyday pokies one. Im surpised, both were really small and empty. Oh, the grand prix was comin up soon, so we got to see some preperations, like tyres at the side of the road.
Contiki drove us back to the French Riviera, I think our cabins were in Antibes. It would be crazy expensive to stay in Monaco.

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Day 13. French Riviera

Sunday 9 May 10

I was so thankful to be back with the Contiki group. I did some inquiring and turns out that if I was still missing by morning, Contiki would not report it. They dont give a damn.
Anyway we left Barcelona and went to the French Riviera. Along the way, we visited the town of Arles. It was once the home of Van Gogh. It's very old style with a country feel. Has a big amphitheatre too, maybe for bull fighting.
At night, we had a dinner and tried frogs legs! Tastes like chicken. I feel sorry for the little frogies.

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Day 12. Barcelona

Saturday 8 May 10

0 °C

Many people were excited about Barcelona, Spain. I didn't know what to expect, but it turned out to be an awesome city. There's many interesting things to see and its very easy to walk around.
First Contiki took us to see La Sagrada Familia cathedral. Its a monster sized very unusual architectural design cathedral, by Gaudi. It was started way back in the day and its still incomplete.
Then we walked around the gothic quarters. I was waitin to see some 'gothic' things but actually it was only old buildings. Still they were nice to see.
Typically, I slid away from the group and wandered on my own. I like exploring alone, I can do whatever I want, go where ever I want. Barcelona's main street, La Ramblas, was interesting. Between two lanes of traffic were endless souvenir stores and street performers. I met some demons. At one end was Placa De Catalunya, the city square, at the other end was Port Vell, the marina and ocean.
Barcelona also had a large park that I wandered into. It was so beautiful and I was shocked to discover a huge fountain- temple looking monument. Maybe it was called Parc De La Ciutadella. Nearby, I also found Arc De Triomf, similar to the Paris one.
Later i went to the Salvadore Dali art gallery. That guy was a real crack pot. This gallery didnt have his paintings though, just drawings, photos and sculptures. Dissapointing. U know what was worse, I went to the Picasso art gallery and it was already closed!

At night, I was meant to meet Contiki at Port Olympico. Turns out that i was waiting at the wrong place. Someone informed me Port Olympico was way at the end of the beach. I was like 'WTF WHAT beach!!?' There was no damn beach on the map Contiki gave us!
Not only did I miss the Contiki bus home, but I didnt even know the name of our hotel! I went to a net cafe and looked at the Contiki website, for an emergency phone number but there was NONE! So I went to a restarant and asked them to phone the police. The owner was so kind! He did phone and even gave me a blanket while we waited two hours hahah.
At the police station, I invaded their computers and looked through my emails for clues. Thank God i found the intinerary list I sent my mom by e-mail. It totally saved me! The police and I were like 'wooooo yeeaaa' hahah. They put me in a taxi and I was saved.

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Day 11. France to Spain

Friday 7 May 10

It was a very long traveling day! Left the French wine region and ended up in Barcelona Spain. Made a stop at Pont du guard along the way. Its an ancient aquaduct, that carried water. Its now in the top 100 wonders of the world. Myth tells that the devil built it.
Our hostel in Barcelona was clean and modern. Even had free internet, I was excited about that.

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