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Day 20. Rome

Sunday 16 May 10

Did Rome all day, saw all the important things. There are so many things to explore, its a huge city like Paris. Contiki took us on another walking tour. The Pantheon wasnt that great, most of it was covered in scaffolding, and we couldnt go inside. Trevi Fountain was nice but mega packed with tourists. I liked the Barcelona fountain more actually. The forum aound the Colosseum was all in ruins but full of history. The Colosseum itself was cool, very huge! We climbed to the higher levels too. I didnt see any gladioators, but I took a pic with a Roman legionare.
Later in our free time, a group of us went to see the Spanish Steps, a hangout spot where atists use to pick up models. Also went to S.Maria Concezione, a church with a crypt made out of thousands of bones! The skulls and skeletons use to belong to the Cappucin Monks. Now they have been arranged into impressive art formations and patterns. A must see!
I wish I stayed in Rome for more hours, but went home with the group, coz we had to catch both a train and bus to get to ou cabins >.<

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Day 19. Vatican and Rome

Saturday 15 May 10

Finally left Florence, thank God. Today we went to Vatican City! Actually its supposedly a country. I was very confused when we got there, coz all I saw was a massive Art Gallery, a massive Cathedral and the big open space they used in the DaVinci code. The art gallery was better than the Louvre by far! It had so many Egyptian things, Roman things, European art, huge walls painted with frescoes, elaborate ceilings, even contemporary art, plus the world famous Sistine Chapel. I studied it in uni, so it was cool to see it in real life. There were so many people in there omg. I wanted to see St Peters Bascillica but we ran out of time, damn Contiki. Its ok maybe some other day.
In the evening we went to our new cabins, close to Rome. They were brand new wooden spacious ones but the windows were creepy and we had no heaters. At night, Monique, Chloey, Anik and I told ghost stories, I loved it. Someone actually saw a ghost at our Florentine accomodation. Plus the French Chateou we stayed at has a haunted room. I could tell u about my ghost experiences during my llife, but it would take too long.

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Day 18. Florence

Friday 14 May 10

Spent the whole day in Florence. We did a walking tour first, its good to see the city, but the info the guide tells us never stays in my head. We lost half the group too, 50 people is too much to keep a track of. We visited the Duomo Cathedral. Its huge but damn empty, so I wasnt impressed. Somehow Florence wasnt that interesting to me, maybe coz it was raining. There were a lot of museums and art galleries around, but I didnt go to any. The lines were too long, one had over an hour wait. Later Contiki took us to a leather shop, i didnt buy anything though.
At night, we hit the town again. I skipped the expensive dinner everyone was doing and instead ate gelato and tiramisu infront of the Duomo. Then we went to Space NightClub. Upstairs is quite large and cool! They had dance, house and pop. It was ok, I stayed till about 2am. Man out taxi driver home drove like a speed freak, thought he was initial D! He pumped up the music too!

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Day 17. Pisa and Florence

Thursday 13 May 10

In the morning we left Venice. Sometime during the day we stopped at Pisa. I was expecting it to be a city, but it felt more like a small town. We saw the Leaning Tower of Pisa! Its quite small actually. Contiki only allowed us one hour there, so we didnt have a chance to climb it. The souvenir shops were funny, they had a lot of p*nis things.
In the evening, we arrived to Florence. It use to be the cultural capital. Galileo, Dante, Michaelanglo etc use to live there.
Our Contiki accomodation was a total nightmare. As usual, we got put in cabins, but they were a long treck up a mountain, in the rain! Some of us got decent sized cabins, but some got trailers with no room for opening suitcases! I got put in the closet of a trailer *_* I was damn angry and ended up moving to into the lounge room of a bigger cabin. Lounge room is better than a closet anyday!

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Day 16. Venice

Wednesday 12 May 10

Venice was awesome! Our Contiki group arrived by ferry! Well, Venice is famously the city of water. Actually at first I was a bit dissapointed. There weren't as many 'water streets' as I expected.

First we did a walking tour with a local guide. We learned many things, but I forgot most by now. Also as a group, we went to a lace and glass demonstration. The glass artist created a horse in just seconds. Venice is huge on glass art and jewellery! U can find glass shops everywhere. The markets ones are amazingly low prices.

Venice is also huge on masks. They have amazingly elaborate ones, real art works. I bought some cheap ones from souvenir stores, but even they were nice. I think for the next new years, I wanna go to a masquerade ball.

In our spare time, I walked around shoppin, more than exploring. Those souvenir shops really drew me in.
I also went to the big cathedral, covered in mosaics. It glowed gold when the sunlight hit it. Im strangely into cathedrals, on this trip.

Finally all the Contiki group took gondola rides, it's the thing to do in Venice! At first it was rocky, but later relaxing. Something exciting happened too, we had a marriage proposal! One guy in the Contiki group asked his gf to marry him. We were all cheering and some girls got teary eyed.

We took the ferry back to our campsite, and had a nice bbq dinner. Contiki usually gives us dinner, Im very happy about that.

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