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Day 25. Athens to Egypt

Friday 21 May 10

It was an action packed day. In the morning, we walked around Athens. Did a tour of the Acropolis and visited the Parthenon. I quite liked it. Some things were still in ruins, like in Rome, but some things have got restored. Im glad, it makes for better photos. Athens the city itself, isnt so nice, its kind of dirty.
In the evening, our Contiki group split in two. Half were going to the Greek Islands (to relax and have a nice holiday), half to Egypt (action, action)! Ofcorse I chose the Egypt option, I was all excited about it!
So we went to the airport and flew out to Egypt! The plane ride was ok. Driving to the hotel, we saw the streets of Cairo. It was quite scary! Dirty and all the women wore veils. Didnt see the desert though, the city is all populated with old brick buildings.
At night, we went on a cruise down the Nile. Had a nice dinner onboard, plus entertainment. There was a wedding reception acually, a belly dancer and a hectic spin-dancer guy. I dont know how he didnt get dizzy, but he was spinning for at least 10 to 20 minutes! Our Cairo hotel was spooky and haunted looking but ok.

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Day 24. Igoumanitsa and Athens

Thursday 20 May 10

We left Igoumanitsa, our overnight port city, and headed out to Athens. About 15 minutes into the drive, we heard strange banging at the back of the bus. Then the floor-hatch started coming up! By instinct, us Contiki people jumped on it and yelled 'OMG stooopppp the bus.' When we stopped, this homeless guy climbed out! *_* We were all so shocked. Soon we started driving again but there was more banging wtf! We were freakin out more and pulled over. The Contiki reps got real angry and climbed under the bus. They chased out two more guys! We were all like 'whhoooaaaaa wtf!' but apparently its a common occurance. People try to border cross illegaly. These gypsies thought we are taking the boat to Italy, they didnt know we were goin to Athens. We just left them in the country-side.
Our stop today was at the Corinth Canal. Its a man-made canal, cut into some cliffs. Quite impressive coz its so huge.
At night, after arriving in Athens, we all went in to the city and found a nice restaurant. Got a good deal, Mousouka pastry dish, wine and desert for 10 Euro. Our hotel was ok too.

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Day 23. Corfu Greece

Wednesday 19 May 10

Today the Contiki group went sailing around Corfu Island, on 'Georges Boat'. Hes quite popular with the Contikiers, hes a real pervert apparently. June and I didnt go though, coz its expensive and Id rather explore the land. So we just walked around, looked at the shops, ate gyros 'uros' kebab thingos. Went to the art gallery, which was once a palace. It was all Asian art, Indian, Chinese, Japanese etc. They even had original Hokusais! Amazing, what are they doing on a random island in Greece!? Later we got a mini tour bus/ train. It just went along the coast and inland past a church and an archeological site. We had a lot of time to kill, so we slept in a park and tanned.
In the evening, we hit the road again and drove to our next Greek overnight stop, Igoumanitsa.

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Day 22. Corfu Greece

Tuesday 18 May 10

Got off the overnight ferry, arrived to the Greek Island of Corfu. When ever we arrive to a hotel/ camp site, a local Contiki rep comes on our bus to explain the site. The poor Corfu rep got the shock of her life. One fellow traveller, Tom, stripped off all his clothes and greeted her in the nude! Infront of all 50 of us!
Our hotel was awesome! A complete change from the cabins before. Here we even had beautiful ocean views. The beach was across the road, but eveyone invaded the hotel pool instead. I just sat in the sun and tanned my legs. Luckily I did end up gettin a nice tan and didnt even burn. Later I had pizza in the restaurant by the beach. Felt like the relaxing part of our trip.

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Day 21. Pompeii and ferry

Monday 17 May 10

It was a veryyy long traveling day today. Left Rome and Italy on our Contiki bus, then continued on to the Greek Islands on an overnight ferry. We got bunk beds, 4 people to a room, but it was rocky and uncomforable.
The highlight of the day was stopping in Pompeii. Although everything was in ruins, you could clearly see streets and walls. We saw some xxx frescoes inside a bothel building lol. I was expecting many frescoes in Pompeii, but other than that, nop I didnt see any. We did see some Hiroshima style human remains though. Overall Pompeii was ok but didnt amaze me.

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