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Day 30. Hurghada Egypt

Wednesday 26 May 10

Most people enjoyed today. We got on a boat in Hurghada, and went snorkeling in the Red Sea. I was surprised, there is a lot of coral and fish around. The water is really blue and nice, I doubt it ever looks red. Ive only done snorkling once before, so I only did a little bit this time. I saw a blue parrot fish and some extra long yellow fish. I was a bit unhappy we werent able to swim near any beaches, just deeper water. We drove past some awesome reefs, but we didnt stop there, damn it. Also I was a bit unwell, so stayed out of the sun.
After the boat, we were directly back on the bus. We drove 6 hours back to Cairo! It was exhausting. And we stayed at the creepy old looking hotel again.

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Day 29. Luxor Egypt

Tues 25 May 10

Wandered around Luxor and surrounds today. First we went to the Valley of the Kings. There we got to choose three tombs to enter. The first I entered was real impressive, tons of hieroglyphs and pictures along the walls. The second one was smaller but had a lot of the original colour. The third was simple in design but contained the entire book of the dead on the walls. It was so hot in there omg!
Next we visited the giant temple of Hatshepsut, the female Pharaoh. It was several stories high. It somehow reminded me of Indiana Jones. I didnt enjoy it too much, it was so hot there in the desert.
Later we drove to the Temple of Luxor. It was also large scale but had a different atmosphere. Most people just had a look and went straight to the bus. Me and Chris were the last ones to leave, I took a lot of pix. A word of warning, beware of the locals, they show u pictures on the walls and then demand tips.
Also we went to the Karnak temples. They covered an enormous area of space, really vast! Its mostly columns and walls covered in hieroglyphs and pictures, plus some statues. Its possible to spend hours there but we spent a minimal time coz of the heat. Again Chris and I spent the longest there. We discovered a dark room with a shaft of sunlight from the ceiling, it felt so ancient and creepy.
Finally the bus took us to our hotel, in Hurghada by the Red Sea. It was a nice hotel, we had a pool again. Except once everyone jumped in, the staff shood us out! So we just sat in the moonlight. At night, some people went clubbin but I went to sleep.

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Day 28. Aswan Egypt

Monday 24 May 10

Almost the entire Contiki group flew out by airplane to Abu Simbel today. It has some famous giant sculptres and tombs. Only me and another girl, Anik stayed at the Aswan resort. I wasnt prepared to pay over $300 extra for the extra adventure. So Anik and I hung out by the pool and sunbaked. I got a nice tan. It felt like a relaxing holiday. There was a Nubian Museum across the road, but we didnt end up goin.
When eveyone flew back, we hit the road again and drove to Luxor. Our Luxor hotel had some cool shops under it. I bought more Egyptian jewellery.

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Day 27. Aswan Egypt

Sunday 23 May 10

Finally our dreaded overnight train arrived to Aswan. Amazingly, the hotel resort we stayed at, was the most impressive of the entire tour. First everyone crashed and slept, but later went swimming in the huge pool. There was a bar in the middle of the pool too. I had nice desert views from my balcony.
In the evening, we sailed along the Nile on a traditional boat. The drivers made us sing and dance, it was weird. The Sahara desert was on one side, Aswan on the other. We visited an island, the Botanical Gardens. I got a cool Anubis statue there.
Sometime about then, Contiki took us to a jewellery store. Here you could write your name in hieroglyphs, onto gold or silver pendants. I got a silver one, looks awesome.
At night, Contiki organised horse and carriage rides, to take us to a real Egyptian market. Our 'driver' told us his horse is a 'Formla One of Egypt' and made it run. Its weird having a mix of horses and cars around you. The markets were kind of shifty, with eveyone tying to win your business. Thank goodness, I had a pretend husband, Chris, a South African traveler. He got me mad discounts. I ended up buying some papyus art, a bag and some small statues.
Oh and I ended up winning the 'camels-for-marriage' competition! One Egyptian jokingly said Im worth 100 million camels!

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Day 26. Cairo Egypt

Sat 22 May 10

Today was our main Egyptian day. Saw more of Cairo and Giza. Also went to the Egyptian Museum, wow its so run down. We werent even allowed to take photos, so I didnt really enjoy it. At least we saw many famous and valuable pieces, like the gold of Tutankamun.
The highlight of the day was visiting the Great Pyramids! From the bus they looked small, but standing next to them, they looked huge. In any case, it was surreal to see them. I even went inside one! That was an experience in itself. We had to take a tunnel down, then a tunnel up, bending our bodies the entire time, there was no space to stand upright. When we finally reached the middle chamber, we only saw an empty sarcophagus, no hieroglyphs or nothing. It was damn hot in there too!
No trip to Egypt would be complete without a camel ride. So we grabbed some local desert-dwellers and rode around on their camels. Went around the pyramids, in the desert sand. It was awesome. Got some great photos too.
After the pyramids, we went to the Sphynx. I was excited about seeing it. Actually it looked kinda small from far away too. We werent really allowed to go up close to it. Man there were so many souvenir sellers around, some constantly following us. It was like the Mecca of all sovenir places. Not fun at all.
Then Contiki took us to two dreaded 'demonstrations' as always. A perfume oil one and a papyrus one, both damn expensive. I bough a low-end priced papyrus artwork.
At night, we caught the overnight train to Aswan. Unlike the previous ferry, the train had no beds. We just slept in our seats. It was boring and uncomfortable but we survived.

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