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Day 35. Istanbul Turkey

Monday 31 May 10

Spent the entire day in Istanbul, Turkey. No traveling on the bus Thank God.
A few surprises awaited us in the morning, from the night before. One guy Dan, got a tattoo of a latin quote. But another guy Dundee, topped it, he got his dick pierced! He quite proudly showed it off too.
First Contiki took us on a walking tour, to the Spice Markets, New Mosque area, the rest I forgot. The famous Blue Mosque was the best. We went inside, so we all had to get covered in robes. The place was full of tourists, I am not sure there was any real Muslims in there. The tiles inside were all blue, so thats where the name comes from. It was nice, I took many photos.
After the tour, the token American girl Nancy and I, went to the Grand Bazaar. Its this huge indoor market complex, selling all kinds of typical Turkish souvenirs. Mostly ceramics, fabrics, turkish delight, jewellery. Today I only got a bag and bracelet.
Later I wandered the electronic district looking for a charger. My mini-laptop charger blew up a while back. After searching in many shops, I amazingly found one! Yay now I could backup photos and write my journal again.
Tonight everyone had a quiet night, so I slept early too.

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Day 34. Gallipoli to Istanbul

Sunday 30 May 10

Left Canakkale, and went to the Gallipoli Peninsula. Gallipoli means a lot to some Australians and NZs, coz they had relatives who got killed there. I saw some teary eyes at Anzac Cove. I dont have any ties to Gallipoli though.
Then we had to endure another long bus drive to Istanbul. The city itself is nicer than I expected. I thought it will be similar to Egypt, but actually its a lot more Western. I could even walk around the streets alone.
Our hotel sucked, we got cramped three people to a two-person room! There was no space for suitcases >.<
Tonight we just relaxed. We went to a cushion cafe and all smoked sheesha aka hooka water pipes. We had apple, bannana etc. Ours wasnt too strong so it was nice.

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Day 33. Troy to Canakkale

Saturday 29 May 10

Left Kavala and went to the legenday city of Troy. The original wooden horse of Troy has long been lost, but there was a fake one put up for us. The city's ruins were still there in bits and pieces too. I wasnt too interested though.
In the evening we arrived to Canakkale (Cha-nake-ly) Turkey. Our hotel was right beside the beach and ocean. There were some nice woods with bunnies around us too! It was beautiful for a summer vacation place.

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Day 32. Thermopylae, Kavala

Friday 28 May 10

Today was a traveling day, from Athens to Kavala. We made a stop at the Battle of Thermopylae, you know, Sparta! It looked nothing like it did back in the day. There was no narrow mounain-ocean passage anymore. Later we also saw Mt Olympus in the distance. It was he only one covered in snow, weird.
The little own of Kavala was great! It had everything I needed, cheap restaurants, fruit shop, internet cafes.

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Day 31. Egypt to Greece

Thursday 27 May 10

Left Egypt in the morning, went to the airport and flew back to Greece. Then we drove down to our old hotel in Athens. Everyone just had a free day to do as they want. I went in to the city with some people and did window shoppin. Well ok I got a cool Greek vase. Later i just hung out, some of us went to the hotel rooftop and watched the sunset. At night, the Contiki group doing the Greek-Islands option (instead of Egypt) rejoined us. It feels crowded again with a bus of 50 people.

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