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Day 40. Hungary to Vienna

Saturday 5 June 10

Thankfully Contiki gave us three hours free-time in Budapest! Its a shame I was still feeling unwell. When I wasnt exploring the main shoppin street, I was lieing down on a bench, recovering. Later Contiki drove us to Vienna. We stayed at Wombats backpacker, not the best place. Anyway I just crashed and slept.

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Day 39. Budapest Hungary

Friday 4 June 10

Somehow I felt sick today. I thought it was motion sickness from being on the Contiki bus, hours on end, everyday. Today we drove from Serbia to Hungary. In Buapest, we did a little walking tour. I forgot the name, Fishermans Fortress or something, looked like Disneyland! And some bridges and buildings looked like Paris.
I didnt buy any souvenirs but I wish I bought a puzzle-box. It takes some people hours to figure out how to open the wooden box.
At night, most Contiki people went on an optional boat cruise. Myself, I was very sick! I just had energy to walk around the Danube river area. It looked nice at sunset and dusk. I got some good photos.

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Day 38. Serbia

Thursday 3 June 10

While in Bulgaria, we explored the city of Sofia. We only stayed for about an hour. Its a nice city, but nothing special to me. It looked too business like and serious for me. Then we crossed into Serbia and explored Belgrade. I liked it a bit more but it was nothing exceptional. It amazes me that Contiki takes us to some countries, just to spend one hour in the city. Then they say 'you can see more tonight, if you go to a bar or nightclub'. Actually some people did go. I wanted to save my energy for Hungary.
Our hotel in Serbia was so spooky! I didnt see anything scary but the coridoors felt so haunted. I didnt wanna walk around in them alone. Well it is a war torn country, who knows whats in it.

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Day 37. Bulgaria

Wednesday 2 June 10

We left Istanbul and had a really difficult border crossing into Bulgaria. We even had to unload the suitcases to get x-rayed. We stayed in the city of Sofia. Our hotel was awesome, very spacious, and had cable tv. I watched the Balkan Music Awards and the history channel. There was a documentary warning of various prophacies about 1012. The Mayans, Nostradamus and others have all said somethin is gonna happen.

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Dat 36. Istanbul Turkey

Tuesday 1 June 10

Today was a rare day, it was all free-time. Anyone could do what they want. Some people went to Asia, coz Turkey is divided across Europe and Asia. I just went shoppin all day! First to the Grand Bazaar, later to the Spice Markets, and also along side streets. It was great, compared to Egypt, there was minimal pressure from sellers here. I got lots of interesting jewellery, some dress tshirts, Turkish Delight. The food and drinks everywhere are amazingly cheap too!
Time flew by and the day was gone. Nothin interesting happened at night.

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