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Day 50. Amsterdam to London

Tues 15 June 10

It was our last official day of the tour. Some people left early, but the rest of us took the ferry back to London. Many people were nostalgic and sad, but I was just looking forward to going home. This trip has been so long! Actually I don't have a home at this point in time. I'll have to search for one when I reach my destination: Gold Coast, Australia. I'm a true homeless nomad at the moment!

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Day 49. Amsterdam

Mon 14 June 10

I woke up and was still affected by last night's space cake! It was so hard to get out of bed. I was very drowsy during breakfast and felt like I'm gonna crash on the table XD Afterwards I went back to bed. I only felt ok to get up later on. I caught a tram to the city, to do some exploring. Man I felt so dissoriented.
The city looked unexciting, but I managed to find a Sex Museum. It was quite shocking. Thank God I bumped into another Contiki person there! He told me the Contiki bus will pick us up in the evening. Yay saved! Until then I just randomly walked around the city. I liked the "death" cosplayers right infront of a cathedral. That was amusing.
In the evening, everyone went to the final dinner. I didn't go, coz it was a rip off! $60 or something. Hell no! So I just wrote my blog and went on the internet. I feel most comfortable online.

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Day 48. Amsterdam Holland

Sunday 13 June 10

A lot of people were lookin forward to today! The infamous Amsterdam. We left Germany and enered the Netherlands aka Holland. Well first Contiki took us on a bike ride in a little country town. Random but I liked it. Then we hit the city of Amsterdam. I dont know what I was expecting, but this is not what I imagined. The city itself is dirty and huge, and it has some river-streets.
Ofcorse the first place we headed was the red light district. The Contikiers went to watch a live xxx show. Nancy and I skipped it and went down the other avenue Amsterdam is known for: weed. We went to the Grasshopper Cafe, where it is legally on the menu! Nancy tried smoking the stuff, while I tried the cake.
Half an hour later, I took the Contiki bus home. Thank God I did! As soon as I got in my room, I just wanted to lie down. My body was so heavy, I couldnt move. But my mind was working fast. It was not the sensation I wanted! Aaah never again.

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Day 47. Germany

Saturday 12 June 10

Said bye to the Swiss Alps and returned to Germany. I dont know if this is a random town or not, but we stopped in Heidelberg. It apparently has a huge university-student population. I climbed up to the Castle ontop of the mountain, and soon it was time to go.
We stayed the night at St Goar. Here we saw heaps of beer-steins and coockoo clocks. Our hotel was nice, I shared with just one girl. I had dinner, read a book, wrote this journal and slept. At this point, I just want the trip to finish and fly home.

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Day 46. Swiss Alps

Friday 11 June 10

We had a fun optional today, to go to the snow! There was a sky-lift you could take up to the top of the tallest mountain. But I didnt do it, coz its expensive and I didnt have any snow clothes. I mostly have summer dresses in my suitcase!
So I just enjoyed the Swiss Alps from below. I tagged onto Chloe, Anik and Nancy (Canadians and American) and we went behind the local waterfall. It was nice but wet! We also walked around the town and bought chocolates. Later we trecked out to a cave and got to see some cool glacier waterfalls in it. The sound was deathening and the water sprinkles freezing, but it was interesting to see.
At night, we partied again, typical. The theme was red and white swiss colours. I made an appearance but the music drove me away. Im not so into pop.
The hotel was backpacker bunks again, but I had nice people, so I didnt mind.

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